I’m a passionate creator who loves to tell stories through graphics, text, and design. My journey in the creative world started about 20 years ago in IT, but soon I found my calling in graphic design and digital media. Crafting and communicating ideas through visual elements is where I thrive, and my mission is to help businesses and individuals shine while achieving their unique goals.

Unlock the Power of Creativity

I can offer a diverse range of creative services that transform ideas into compelling visual stories. From branding to web design, print materials, social media strategies, and more, I’m here to help your brand shine through captivating visuals and impactful storytelling.

I will help you create distinctive logotypes and comprehensive graphic profiles that give your brand a clear, professional, and memorable visual identity.

Guiding creative projects from concept to execution. I shape ideas, visuals, and lead projects to bring out the best in every creative endeavor.

Crafting stunning visuals and graphics that communicate your brand’s message effectively. I transform ideas into visually compelling designs.

Designing visually engaging and user-friendly websites, with a specialization in WordPress. Your online presence will not only look stunning but will also provide an exceptional user experience.

Nurturing your brand’s online community through compelling content and effective social media strategies. I’ll help your brand engage and grow on various platforms.

Elevating your brand’s print materials, from brochures to merchandise and business cards. I ensure your print materials are as impressive as your brand.

Creative Visionary

As a creative visionary, I’m always on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities. I believe in thinking outside the box and never stopping exploring and learning. My strength lies in transforming concepts into vivid reality and in creating visual stories that resonate and engage.

Experience as the Cornerstone

With over two decades in the industry, I’ve accumulated valuable experience. I’ve had the pleasure of working as an E-Commerce Manager, Art Director, Creative Director, and now, I run my own e-commerce and freelance business. This broad experience has given me insights into many different areas and an ability to find creative solutions in all kind of challenges.

Driven by Solutions

My work is always about finding solutions. I believe that problems can be turned into opportunities and that with the right strategy and creativity, we can achieve remarkable results. I love being a part of the process that helps others bring their visions to life.

Extensive Portfolio

My portfolio includes projects that span across various industries and areas—ranging from brand building and web design to graphic identity and marketing campaigns. Each piece of work is unique and tells a story of my passion and dedication.

Don't be afraid to go out on a limb.
That's where the fruit is.
H. Jackson Browne


What people say?

Katarina can create magic. The outcome of her work is always compelling, tasteful and simply beautiful. On top of that, she has an ability to understand customer, market, and brand, and produce design that is not only inspiring, but also commercial and customer-driven. Open-minded, positive and full of ideas, she is a real super-web-art-director any team would dream to have.
Viktoria Ruubel
Director Platform Partnerships EMEA Facebook
Katarina is a very good Web Art Director. She has as much creativity and positive energy as happy mood. Katarina always has new ideas and the energy to implement them. In addition to being a good Art Director, Katarina is a very good photographer with many nice pictures in her portfolio. Katarina has my warmest recommendations.
Michael Sundén
Business development
Cellbes AB