Welcome to My Portfolio: Here, you’ll find a selection of projects that have allowed me to explore the world of design and storytelling. It’s been a pleasure to work on these, and I’m excited to share them with you. Please feel free to explore and find inspiration.

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As a new consultancy firm focused on integrations across desktop, server, and cloud environments, iNTEGR8 STUDiO embodies innovation and forward-thinking. I had the privilege of crafting their logo and developing a color palette that breathes fresh energy into their brand. Additionally, I provided creative design suggestions for their website and merchandise, enhancing their brand’s appeal.


Step into the world of Stora Djupsås, a project that embodies my passion for crafting digital experiences. From the creation of a captivating website to being a part of the development of the brands visual journey. This website is a showcase of my dedication to blending design and storytelling.


Studio Fläder Brand Identity: Experience the transformation of Studio Fläder, a modern hair studio, through this captivating brand identity. With a sleek, contemporary design and striking black-and-white stripes as the defining motif, this project brings to life the essence of Studio Fläder’s style and flair. Discover the visual journey and the elements that now define this unique brand.


Discover ‘Hållbara hus i Västra Götaland,’ a digital hub for sustainable living in Western Sweden. Through this project, the focus was on presenting like-minded companies that prioritize eco-consciousness. By designing a user-friendly website, crafting impactful content, and implementing a powerful search feature, I’ve created a platform where hundreds of members showcase their businesses over a shared commitment to sustainable renovations.


Introducing Styrka365 – Health Year-Round project, where I crafted a vibrant and inspiring logo and creative ideas on the brand’s identity. This project involved creating a logo complete with a symbol and a dynamic color palette. Therese, the founder, holds expertise as a project manager and health consultant, specializing in guiding individuals towards a balanced and healthier lifestyle. The brand’s core values revolve around positivity and celebrating the joy of life. The diverse rainbow color palette and the logo’s symbol embody the essence of optimism and exuberance.


Welcome to Vedum’s 100-year jubilee, where I had the privilege of crafting a jubilee logo, producing catalogs, brochures, web campaigns, merchandise for staff and customers, clothing, and much more. Our journey also included the design of a unique timeline in the form of an interactive museum showcasing the brand’s history. This timeline was designed to offer a captivating digital and on-site experience in Vedum, providing visitors with a live historical journey through the brand’s milestones.


Welcome to my Redcarpet Marketing project, where I took the lead in a comprehensive rebranding effort for this digital marketing agency. This project encompassed a complete overhaul, including a new logotype, typography, graphic profile, website design, vehicle branding and merchandise. As the driving force behind this creative transformation, I invite you to explore the remarkable journey of this brand’s evolution.


Amidst the natural beauty of the outdoors, we embarked on a photoshoot with Eva to commemorate the special moments of motherhood. From the serene waters of the forest stream to the tranquil forest surroundings and the calmness of the still lake, these images encapsulate the story of anticipation and grace that comes with the arrival of new life. 


Within this portfolio, you will discover my work with Lystra Lights, a project dedicated to refreshing their brand and optimizing their website. This initiative involved the introduction of new typefaces, imagery, and methods for displaying product attributes, both in the digital realm and in printed materials. 


Web redesign to tackle previous issues with uninspiring design, lack of clarity, and insufficient spaces for effective product and department promotion. Explore this new design approach that resolved these challenges, leading to an improved user experience and a strengthened message for Slagugglan.


This project focuses on Conversion Optimization and UX/UI Design optimizing Fedelta’s loan application process and streamlining the presentation of information on their homepage. 


My work with Sanda Assistans is a rebranding project dedicated to positively impacting individuals with disabilities. This extensive effort involved conceptualizing and realizing a brand-new logo, fresh imagery, and typography, and creating a comprehensive graphic manual. My creative direction breathed new life into the brand’s materials, designed to feel warmer, more inclusive and give the brand a more compelling presence.


Explore my Compact Beds project, where I took on the challenge of rebranding a webshop specializing in custom-sized beds and mattresses. This project involved generating the concept and production of a new logo, creating fresh images, redesigning the website, and providing creative direction for a photoshoot resulting in a stunning array of new visuals for the brand. 

Terapi is a project where I played a key role in creating a new brand for dog teams engaged in therapy work within school and hospital settings. My contributions included conceptualizing and producing a new logo, generating fresh images, implementing new typography, designing a brand-new webpage, and providing creative direction for all materials associated with this unique brand.

Happy Holidays

Step behind the scenes of Halens  Christmas campaign, where I took the reins from ideation to model selection, carefully styled the festive interiors and designed all campaign graphics for print and web. I invite you to explore the magic we brought to life that holiday season.

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